Goat Simulator 3 – Multiverse of Nonsense DLC – Trophy / Achievement Guide


Notes: This is not a written Guide. It’s “just” a hub for the videos I made, which are related to the Trophies/Achievements. I hope this will also help you out. 


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Trophy / Achievement Guide

It’s All a Simulation
What a cop-out
Lousy References
Find all Broken Relics

Hell of a Ride
Take a ride on Charons boat

You Mined Too Greedily and Too Deep
Find the Deep Stone

I Love History
Sit through the whole history documentary

Wow, Such Instincts
Complete all Instincts
This Took Half My Life
Experience the entire Black Meze tour
Find the Kidney Stone

Goat Got Brains
Find the Knowledge Stone

Ultrasonic Speedy
Lick Speedy while looking like Speedy

Appliance in Disguise
Find the Space Stone

Try Hard With a Vengeance
Find all Multiverse Trinkets

So Aerodynamic
Get flattened while driving the Trojan Goat

Dr. Pheelsgood
Help all the patients as Dr. Pilgor

You Gotta Licket to Ride
Lick the flying train

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  1. how do you do the “launch yourself from multiverse crystals” because every time I do it, it will go up one and sometimes to 2 or 3 and then it resets as if i toucheed the ground and i dont know if i am doing it wrong


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